Homeschooling Links

  • Links

There are lots of websites that already provide links and an introduction to homeschooling. This is a shortlist of the most comprehensive sites to help you get started. Please note – some are secular or are Christian based so be discerning when selecting appropriate resources and materials.

  • Curricula Reviews

If you are looking for advice on a particular curricula, please check out these reviews:

  • On line schools:

If you are seeking an on line option for your children, you may wish to consider one of these options:

If you have a query about where to get started or are looking to homeschool with other mothers in your locality on a co-operative basis or need advice about any stage of schooling, do contact us. We have a diverse range of members: some are using established curricula, others take a more eclectic approach; some have their children learning on line for secondary and university education. Please also feel free to share your own experiences including curricula reviews and/or other useful links.

May Allah azzawajaal guide us to make the best decisions for our children which will benefit us in Duniyah and Aakirah.


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